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Saturday, May 6, 2017

UGA Graduation 2017! 🎉

This weekend was all about Alexander France, who graduated from the Terry business school at the University of Georgia in Athens!

The cold weather surprised all of us here in Atlanta, who had just settled into a late spring. I had literally pulled my pansys out of the front pots and planted my vinca and begonias, when the weather took a turn. Boots and stockings in May? Winter coats and blankets to a college graduation in Georgia? Unheard of, and yet, the thought of sitting outside in the cold rain for several hours made us rethink our celebratory outfits.

We heard one of the best commencement speeches from keynote speaker, Ernie Johnson Jr., who inspired all of to stop and embrace the blackberries in life. We also heard a great speech from the class representative, which was just as inspiring. Fireworks and a snack at Wendy's rounded out the evening.

Tonight was spent with Alex's family at Buco di Beppo feasting on chicken marsala, salmon, pasta alfredo, and ceasar salad plus a delicious chocolate bundt cake. What a wonderful time getting to know his brothers, cousins, step mom and grandma. A great family. We are blessed to have this young man in our lives.

We are so proud of all of Alex's accomplishments! We know God will bless him in all his endeavors, and that he will be a huge success in life. Bill and I look forward to seeing all of the great things the Lord has in store for him. ❤

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