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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day👭 2017!❤

I had the best weekend, ever, celebrating Mother's Day with my favorite people: Anna, Braxton, Rachel, Alex, and Bill!🌹

We started out Friday night with dinner at one of my fav restaurants, Outback, where the Alice Springs chicken wins major awards. We then made our way to Dairy Queen (chocolate chocolate dip cone🍦), opened a slew of gifts (new Coach bag), and ended things with movie night - Moonstruck, starring Cher and a young Nicolas Cage.

Saturday was a full day with Rachel, my little shopping queen, at the Outlet malls, where we hit almost every store and came away with lots of goodies. I can still outshop my 19 year old! Had to drag her into Papaya at the end of the day where tons of bargins awaited. Then a little celebrity stalking in Canton, and we called it a day.

Sunday was brunch at my favorite diner, Thumbs Up, in Roswell. Undoubtedly, the best French toast in the world. A trip along the Chattahoochee River was followed by mani-pedis. Exhausted typing this, but it was so much fun. I am one blessed lady!!

I am so thankful for my mother, mother-in-law, and grandmothers🐩, all of whom nurtured me and helped me to become the woman I am today. And now, I am so thankful to be a mother of three wonderful children who are terrific, accomplished people and who actually like me and want to be around me!  That means I did something right! With the Lord's help, of course!

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there!!❤ The world would be a sad, lonely place without us mamas loving on our babies!

Here are some pics from the weekend!

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