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Monday, July 29, 2013

Book Review - The Picture of Dorian Gray
I've always wanted to read this classic, and wasn't disappointed. Oscar Wilde was a talented man, to say the least! Here's my quick review on Goodreads:

At first this book seems eerie and morbid, but as I got further along into it, I realized it was a very good study on the destructive power sin has on mankind. The enemy is portrayed cleverly in the character of Lord Henry who lures and entices Dorian Gray to live for himself and the pleasures of the day, valuing the freedom of youth and earthly beauty above all things. Dorian latches hold of this temptation and spirals down into a life where a wake of innocent victims trail behind. Yes, sin has its momentary pleasure, but judgment and death are there waiting to claim what must be paid. This truth stares Dorian in the face both literally and figuratively in the portrait that reveals his awaiting fate. Actually, you could use this story as a format for a bible study to illustrate the power and preciousness of what the Savior did for us on the cross.

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