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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Noah - a True Disaster of a flick!

First of all, let me say that I never give bad reviews on movies, because I know how HARD it is to get a story from script to screen--but this time I'm breaking my rule! I have to comment on the latest Darren Aronofsky film, Noah, starring my fav, Russell Crowe. 

I was looking forward to seeing this film, thinking that the super upper duper religious Christians out there were getting all worked up over nothing. It's about a relatively boring character in the Bible (just my opinion) and it stars Russell Crowe-- how bad can it be, right? Wrong!

**Spoiler Alert**

Fallen angels who are friendly and look like rock monsters build the ark, an old snakeskin from the Garden of Eden contains the blessing of the Creator, God is a baby killer, Noah is a baby killer - should I go on? There is strange magic used from gold, glowing rocks, the reading of tea leaves to determine pregnancy, and all kinds of crazy stuff that made my head swim. Half way through I really disliked Noah and wished he would go ahead and die. Not good when the audience begins to hate the main character - that's a rule in screenwriting 101. If I had never, ever read the Bible, I think I would still dislike the movie because of the baby killing thing. I think the average, sane person knows that the creator God is not a baby killer! Ok, enough on that!

As an action flick, it actually works pretty well and there were some cool scenes with the animals and the ark. Noah was a tender, loving father and devoted husband until he went maniacal and wanted to kill everyone. I felt like I was watching Jack Nicholson in The Shining, but trapped on a weird boat.

Perhaps viewers can be somewhat entertained if they get past all that I've mentioned -- but under no circumstances should anyone use it as a Bible study! Hopefully and prayerfully, many people who see this movie will pick up the Bible and read what really happened. Noah was righteous and valued life. He was obedient to God and steadfast in his faith. I believe he had some revelation that God's judgment through the flood was due to His great love, not His great anger.

God loves the world and wants man free from the bondage of evil and sin. We know from the NT letters that the ark is a picture of salvation in Christ Jesus. I'm sure there will be critics and reviewers who trash this movie, but let's try to point people to the truth of the loving mercy of God found in the person of Jesus!

In the meantime, think about staying away from the box office on this one. Let's send a message to Hollywood that biblical stories which stray 180 degrees from truth aren't appreciated! 

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